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Imran Siddiqui

Managing Editor

Imran Siddiqui is a broadcast journalist with over two decades of experience in reporting on social issues that impact our collective societies. Imran's background includes program design, launching, and managing TV and FM Radio stations and digital networks around the world.

Imran’s broadcast journey began during the early 90s in Pakistan and then in the Philippines, where he studied business, communications, and broadcasting, initially at the University of Baguio, then briefly at De la Salle University, and finally graduating from the Philippine Christian University in 98 finishing his bachelor's in Mass Communications focusing on Radio TV and Film.

While in the Philippines Imran had the opportunity to work as a radio broadcaster with two exceptional Radio Stations NU107 Rock FM and BM105 Jazz FM in Manila and completed his internship training as an anchor, reporter, and producer at the national TV networks ABS CBN and GMA 7 in Manila.

Imran returned to Pakistan in August 98 and worked with Telebiz Productions to produce Business News and TV shows for PTV and ZEE Europe and was also a TV host on PTV, ZEE, and CNBC Asia among other networks. In the late ’90s, Imran worked with FM100 and FM101 in Karachi to help strengthen their English radio programming.

In early 2002 Imran worked on the launch of GEO News Network as their morning news anchor based in Dubai and he also produced the weekly GEO News magazine show, Geo Pakistan, from Karachi where he helped in training the reporters and the producers of Geo TV with a seasoned team of former CNN executive producers.

In 2003 Imran was hired by FM107 Karachi to launch their FM radio network as the head of programming where he designed the programs, executed the productions, and set up the entire station with a team of dedicated broadcast professionals from around Pakistan.

In 2005 God took Imran to Washington D.C. to work for Voice of America and help them launch VOA News' debut Urdu TV show Beyond The Headlines. Producing for VOA News, Imran reported on culture, society, education, politics, and social justice. While at VOA, Imran also produced multi-language programming and anchored various English and Urdu TV shows, web shows, directed short films, and documentaries broadcast in different languages for VOA News and its worldwide TV and radio affiliates. Imran was also the co-host of VOA English flagship TV show On Assignment and covered the 2008 U.S. presidential election. Imran reported live from the Guantanamo Bay Prison Tribunal Courts in Cuba during the Omar Khadr trials in 2009. From 2012 to 2015 Imran was VOA Urdu managing editor for internet operations leading cross-functional teams in America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

After more than a decade of an award-winning career in broadcasting Imran left VOA News in 2015 to launch his own media organization Justice News and is currently the managing editor at Justice News Network in Washington D.C. where he hosts his radio show FairPlay airing on J107 Justice Radio, uncovering wrongful convictions in the United States.

Imran is also the author of The JBlog which reports on the injustices within the United States criminal justice system with suggestions on correcting them. Imran's book series - Injustice Inc - is available on Amazon in digital and print formats worldwide.

Imran Siddiqui
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