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19 Years and Counting

Episode 2 FairPlay The Case of Christopher Tucker.png

19 Years And Counting For A Crime He Says He

Did Not Commit

Christopher Tucker is at the Richland Correctional in Mansfield Ohio, and from there, in his own words he says, " I'm not a saint, but I never took another person's life". Then why is he still in prison?

The evidence, that he clearly holds, proves a lot of what he's been saying, and the fact that he has spent more time in prison than what was offered to him in the plea deal, also proves what he's been claiming the past 19 years. He has stuck by his innocence for almost two decades now, we don't keep a promise for two weeks. All that he asks for, is to give him a chance, to prove his innocence in a court of law. But that chance is nowhere to be seen, yet.

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