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FairPlay EP 13 | S2
Temujin Kensu.
The Man They Don't Want To Let Go.

American Justice System Is Rigged To The Core.

November 21 2021 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News.

Reader Discretion is Advised.


Imagine being in prison for over 35 years for a crime that you did not commit and no matter how hard you tried, no matter how clear the evidence of your innocence is and who else on this earth comes to support your exoneration, the state nor the government with no remorse or shame, just won't let you go.

Who's face are you going to punch?

When there is not one but many hidden behind a gigantic machine.


But David, killed Goliath!

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Attorney Kimberly Kendall Corral

Kimberly Kendall Corral is a courageous attorney providing legal services covering Criminal Defense. Kimberly Corral, who practices law in Cleveland, Ohio, was selected to Rising Stars for 2019 - 2022. This peer designation is awarded only to a select number of accomplished attorneys in each state. 

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Dennis Forrester

Beacon Investigative Solutions

Beacon is licensed and/or has the authority to conduct business as an investigative firm in more than 40 States, plus the District of Columbia. From Seattle to Miami, from Los Angeles to New York, very few other investigative firms can provide their clients the same breadth and depth of local investigative expertise.

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Chris Tucker


Christopher Tucker

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What does it take to get justice?

It should be easy right, but it's not. How many innocent people do you think are suffering in the prison systems within the United Sates of America? Do the math here. Seek Justice against injustices.