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The Truth
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Conversations @Justice News

FairPlay is an original discussion series from JustcieNews.Net where a "Fair" dialog takes place from the vantage point of the one being accused, and brings forward those voices that are mostly ignored.


Hosted by Justice News managing editor

Imran Siddiqui FairPlay sheds light on the injustices in the U.S. justice system, based on facts, data and ground realities, without any fear to speak the truth.


FairPlay Conversations@Justice News

un-covers a wide variety of issues ranging from criminal justice reform, to racial discrimination, bias, corruption, punishment, rehabilitation and seeking justice for the wrongly convicted. FairPlay guests come from all walks of life sharing their perspectives and real-life experiences that are directly impacted by decisions made within the U.S. judicial systems.


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Views expressed by the guests in this program are their own views and are not endorsed by Justice News.


Justice Has No Color