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 Juvenile Injustice. Growing Up Wrongfully Incarcerated 

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Mahdi Ali | FairPlay EP 18 S2 | Juvenile Injustice. Growing Up Wrongfully Incarcerated.


Another Childhood Destroyed By The U.S. Justice System. Will It Exonerate Him?

Mahdi Ali did not grow up like a so-called typical kid, who bikes, goes to school, has fun with friends hanging out or just playing video games, nor did he go to college, he did get his GED but not in the way you might think. Because for the past 11 years, he’s been figuring out how to grow up and survive in different prisons across the state of Minnesota. He had to grow up fast. He had no choice.


Mahdi Ali was convicted as a teenager, for triple murders in Minneapolis that occurred on the night of January 6 in 2010, Murders that he says he did not commit.


Mahdi says despite his numerous efforts to reach out to Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison and his office, including the conviction review unit, no body has responded to his requests so far even when the facts are absolutely clear.

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