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 Families of The Wrongfully Incarcerated 

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Paula Kensu | FairPlay EP 17 S2 | Families of The Wrongfully Incarcerated in Michigan.


Separated By An Unjust System and It's Decaying

Prison Walls

January 10 2022 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News |


If you are reading this while married, and if you have a spouse, a husband or a wife, and they are next to you, then immediately thank God.


Because things can turn around for worse, any second, and all that you are taking for granted everyday, could be gone in the blink of an eye.


I thank God for all that and more -


Half of Americans have family members who are incarcerated. And that is from the data in 2018. Probably half of the incarcerated are innocent. And there is no real clear data on this. No one has it.


What about those who are married and would do anything to be together but just cannot. Like the women who visit their innocent husbands incarcerated in prisons across America. They go through a lot of trouble, and embarrassing searches just to be able to meet and hug and see each other and spend some time together, until it's time to go. And then you turn around to have that one last look, holding on to that last hug and the beautiful smell that it left in your mind and your memories.



What kind of a toll does it take on a spouse when she knows her husband is innocent but in prison for something he did not do, and has been there for over three decades and she really doesn't know when he's coming back?


What kind of an emotional and psychological impact does it leave on spouses who have innocent loved ones incarcerated? For many it's heart breaking.


To help us understand the human side of the equation to wrongful convictions, and speak about what the Imprisoned Families go through, joining us on this episode of FairPlay is Paula Kensu, the wife of Temujin Kensu, who is serving life in prison for the alleged shooting death of a Port Huron college student Scott Macklem in 1986.


Mr. Kensu has maintained his innocence for over 3 decades now and is currently fighting for his freedom from inside the prison in Michigan. But the Governor of Michigan is not listening to the truth.



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