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Benjamine Spencer - Free Atlast

An update on the Ben Spencer Case By Jim McCloskey

March 19, 2021 – After spending 34 years in the Texas penitentiary for another man’s crime, 56 year old Ben Spencer is free at last. He walked out of the Dallas County jail at precisely 4:58 PM on Friday March 12, 2021 into the arms of his long awaiting wife, Debra, their son, B.J., and then his long suffering 82 year old mother, Lucille. Dallas Judge Lela Mays ordered his immediate release a few hours earlier and recommended that his conviction be vacated based on a joint petition by the Dallas District Attorney and Ben’s Defense Team.

Since 2000, Dallas attorney Cheryl Wattley and Centurion have asked four different Dallas District Attorneys to reopen Ben’s case based on new evidence that Centurion’s investigation had uncovered that pointed to Ben’s innocence and guilt of the real killer. Our entreaties were given lip service at best.

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