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Bryant Rhoades | Unshackled #1 | Opinion Without Evidence Is Called Prejudice

What would stop the government from doing a DNA test for someone who is claiming to be innocent?

5 October 2022 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News | Washington D.C.

Bryant Rhoades of Mercer County Ohio was never at the crime scene, and yet he's serving a life sentence without any possibility of parole for double murders that he says he did not commit. Bryant has maintained his innocence for over a decade now and he says they "buried me alive".

But why didn't his public pretender-defender use Bryant's alibi witness as evidence to try and save him? "What evidence did the prosecutor have to try and kill me?. Bryant asked me over the phone. "Why is the prosecutor suppressing exculpatory evidence?" He says, "they deny me the DNA evidence because they know it will prove me 100 percent innocent".

Why do prosecutors continue to try and consistently succeed at convicting innocent people in America? - nothing but silence -

One answer is, they don't know. So why would anyone want to be a prosecutor if knowing the facts of a case doesn't make one want to protect the rights of the accused? Most are incapable of giving a straight or a consistent answer. Some say it's business as usual, it's a planned takedown mechanism designed to do exactly what it is doing today. The lust for power and prestige, but at the cost of blood on your hands.

Some would argue it's for the love of law enforcement and police work more than anything else in their life. Many do it for more money, the retirement plans and other benefits just stack up to convince you to sell your soul to the satans while they make sure you don't sleep well at night for the rest of your remaining time on this earth - a miserable way to live.

As for Bryant Rhoades and his fight for justice, he says he is leaving it all in the Hands of God.

It is rare to meet someone with consistency and honesty these days, and these are the two things I found in Bryant, across numerous conversations, spread across many weeks and months and evident in his case documents The things he has said, the facts he has talked about, all public knowledge, though the public is too numb to notice, but Bryant Rhoades makes it easy to understand how they "buried him alive" in Ohio.

| Imran Siddiqui is the managing editor at Justice News and the author of The JBlog.

Imran's podcast FairPlay Challenging Wrongful Convictions is on J107 Justice Radio

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