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Don't Trust The Injustice Mafia of America That Chokes on The Blood of The Innocent. Trust The God.

Glory To The God For His Grace And Guidance | Justice Will Prevail.

"Call To Action" With Jesse Dreyfuse on Justice News

2 March 2023 | Jesse Dreyfuse | Cabell County, West Virginia. Peace, Glory to THE GOD.

The founder of the Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation For Justice reached out to me asking if I could prove that I assisted others in fighting for their freedom, so I quickly sent a listing of some 60 people that I assisted in State and Federal Courts.

It is important for people to understand that My fight for freedom is not remotely close to that of Mr. Deskovic in any way shape or form.

I have had to fight without a Lawyer from the beginning and only by the will of THE GOD was I able to litigate in the Courts. But Mr. Deskovic had a seasoned attorney Barry Scheck and the Innocence Project to assist, fund and back him in securing his freedom.

I was surprised he never offered any advice or assistance from his Foundation For Justice after seeing my story and the injustices I am still suffering under a wrongful murder conviction.

I am appreciative of Mr. Deskovic being made aware of my fight for Justice that has been guided by the will of THE GOD and not the greed of man. Glory to THE GOD!

I learned long ago that most, if not all wrongful conviction advocacy organizations are only interested in cases based on faulted DNA evidence and they stay away from prosecutorial and police misconduct claims based on facts and evidence. The data says it all, the majority of Wrongful convictions are secured by plea deals and the prosecutorial misconduct of deliberately presenting false fabricated evidence and perjured testimony. In cases where DNA evidence is not an issue that can be raised, those cases are ineligible for assistance from the Innocence Project and other Foundations that claim to fight for Justice.

The Innocence Project and most other wrongful conviction advocacy organizations are based upon contracts and contingency in receiving a percentage of awards received by those who they represent in having the wrongful convictions overturned. The motive is financial and not just the pursuit of Justice for the person who was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned.

Those of us who have had to litigate a wrongful conviction without the luxury of having the Innocence Project and the assistance of prestigious Lawyers such as Barry Scheck, understand the protocols and know that the fight for Justice will be a struggle as like so many others, mine, is a case of extraordinary matters, even when the evidence of Actual Innocence is staring back at you right in front of your face.

My fight for Justice has been without the assistance of a Lawyer from the onset of my wrongful murder conviction a decade ago. By the will of THE GOD, He has been my DEFENDER and by His graces, I have been allowed to assist in this fight for Justice in the state of West Virginia.

Truly my fight for Justice has been guided by THE GOD and blessed with the help of the true Warriors for Justice who came with clean hands and pure motives. It is by the will of THE GOD that Justice News has told my story and I give praise to THE GOD for Imran and his hard work and true fight for Justice for those wrongfully convicted such as myself.

This is not to discredit the wrongfully convicted who have been exonerated by the assistance of the Innocence Project and other wrongful conviction advocacy organizations that have litigated cases on their behalf. That is not the purpose of this article. The purpose is to speak the truth about the actual motives behind those wrongful conviction advocacy organizations in assisting the wrongfully convicted. This article is meant to prove that without the assistance of those wrongful conviction advocacy groups or attorneys or organizations, and just by having faith in THE GOD as the DEFENDER of the innocent, Justice will prevail for those who believe, submit and partner no other with THE GOD.

My prayer is to give glory to THE GOD for His allowing my fight for Justice to be under His DEFENSE and with the help of the true Warriors for Justice.

My Prayer is to give praise to THE GOD for Justice News and the inspiration of the Qur'an shared with me by Imran.

My Prayer is for those wrongfully convicted sitting behind prison walls tonight, to remind them, that they must find THE GOD, seek with Him the Connection, and know, that He is their true DEFENDER.





Jesse Dreyfuse is an Author at Justice News. CTA | Call To Action with Jesse Dreyfuse

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