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FairPlay Ep 12 | John Merritt. An Indictment of America.

The Case of John Merritt | An Indictment of America, its people, and all the branches of its government.

October 24 2021 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News.

Reader Discretion is Advised.

When I started writing about Wrongful Convictions some time back I had not intended to find so much dirt buried right under the façade of an incredibly evil and unjust criminal justice system that is a cesspool of dishonest and disgraceful individuals from the police, the prosecutors, the public defenders, to the clerks, the judges and everyone else involved in making blood money from a fucked up prison system.

Not to forget the federal government that enslaved men and now enslaves everyone working for them or not. Their vision now is so diseased they won't even realize how this failed system is eating up their own tail as it slowly moves to ingest its own body while it cannibalizes its own species spread throughout the decaying tentacles of the U.S. state and federal governments and the American society as a whole.

Well done America! You are officially an ugly-looking arrogant nation, after all the makeup comes off. There goes my childhood dream of this last frontier of a "Just Society" where people thrived on fairness. And by upholding any moral grounds, if you throw excuses to renege this and start comparing yourself with the rest of the world on the levels of your "Badness" then you are far more fucked up than I thought.

There is a reason why they call it "Systemic Corruption" and the more it gets ignored it has morphed into a "Systemic Disease" that's slowly gouging on its own self and people either become a part of it, sucked in as the final meal to the systems' self-destruction, or there are those who resist oppression in all forms who still have some sanity left in their souls, they fight against this unnatural flow, they fight with their words, they fight with their voice and then they fight with their hands when they are forced to. But when they do, they fight so hard that either it ends in complete submission or the total annihilation of any unjust government.

John Merritt is one of those last remaining Americans who still hold that sanity despite being wrongly imprisoned for more than 36 years for a crime he says he did not commit.

God knows the truth and what happened, we won't know everything, but if you read the facts before you make your judgment on this then you might be in for another shock of your life. Then listen to John's sister Darlene Roy speak. His case will ring a bell to those who are familiar with "Prosecutorial Misconduct" the disease that's eating up America's sense of "Justice" while the "Unjust" remain in charge of it. Those who still don't know about this kind of misconduct then they should get their heads out of their asses pretty soon before they become the victims of it.

John's parole hearing is coming up again after 6 years, he gets denied every time. He just did a short phone interview before the hearing and he fears that he may not have an in-person hearing this time and thus he will not be able to defend himself once again and his case will be pushed under the rug just like in the past.

John Merritt wants his fellow citizens to contact the Florida Commission on Offender Review and email them on his behalf and demand that John gets a full and fair hearing without intimidation from any former prosecutors or investigators or anyone else. A hearing where the commission should look into the detailed 18-page report submitted to the board by Dennis Forrester of the Beacon Investigations which proves without a reasonable doubt that they have the wrong guy in prison for almost 4 decades now, with no sense of any shame or feeling of guilt on their part. No remorse. No fear of God, nor of any retribution that is coming to them for the wrong they have done, as promised by The One Who created them.

The cognitive dissonance of the nation, the people, and the rigid elements of this archaic machine will not see this. Simply because you choose not to see it, they will not allow you to see the truth in this case.

This is why the lead Pied Piper entices the mice, and convinces them, to go over the edge of the cliff.

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| Imran Siddiqui is the managing editor at Justice News and the author of the JBlog.

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