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FairPlay EP 8 | John Ortiz Kehoe. 25 Years and Counting

Justice for an Accuser a Defendant and a Missing Girl -

Who is telling the Truth?

August 14 2021 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News.Net

Explicit Content Warning | 18 + | For Mature Audience Only.

What do you do when out of the three people you have, the only one who can tell you exactly what happened, is dead?

How much truth can you find in the remaining two people, one of whom is an accuser and the other one, the defendant?

Rose Marie “Rosie” Larner

Michigan resident Rose Larner was killed, or overdosed on cocaine or murdered somewhere between the late afternoon and evening of a December day in 1993 and all this occurred between three friends. Bill Brown, Rose’s childhood friend, accused another friend

John Ortiz Kehoe of the murder, three years after it allegedly occurred. Bill’s account given to the prosecutors was the only eyewitness testimony used to convict John Ortiz Kehoe and it sent him to life behind bars without any possibility of parole. But a new hearing on John’s case raises many questions about what really occurred on that day in December of 1993.

Since the past 25 years while incarcerated John has maintained his innocence, and according to him, it was Bill Brown who was the last person left with Rose because John left the two together and went to McDonald's to get some food and upon his return found a highly nervous Bill Brown and the dead body of Rose in the bathroom.

John Ortiz Kehoe

Too much has been said about this case in the past two decades. I accidentally stumbled upon John’s case while listening to the FreeMe Podcast hosted by Thomas Herold. In the case of John Ortiz Kehoe, not a single witness was presented from his side. The more you read some of the actual case files the more bizarre the case looks, not because of what the actual accusations were, nor by what the prosecutors were trying to do, and not by what was being reported by the media, it looked bizarre because it has so many holes in it that it is now impossible for it to hold any water.

This could probably come out as one of the most erroneously reported cases in the history of journalism in the United States of America, and if and when that occurs, it can help address the allegations being made in this case that big media took spoon fed information from the prosecutor's office and ran with it without even taking an independent look at the facts and then made a business out of that lie for decades. More digging may even show, how some of the media companies, thinking they might have fucked up big time, are trying to now carefully inject, that final argument from the sidelines, that oh, maybe this guy didn't do it after all, and maybe they played a huge role in sending the wrong man to prison for life. Prosecutors caught lying is nothing new, it's just people don't give a damn anymore and thus corrupt officials mostly get away with it.

William 'Billy' Brown

If you are a human being, and you are reading this, then you understand, that when a person accuses the other of harming someone, especially of things like murder, incineration, dismemberment, and cannibalism, they have to show some kind of evidence to prove that in a court of law and they must also provide the other side the right to freely present their case, their witnesses, their alibis and their testimony impartially and without any fear of bias, harassment, lying, coercion and intimidation. If this is missing then understand that it's unfair from the start, and there is no other moral way to look at it.

This is the first time John Ortiz Kehoe is speaking with Justice News and freely describing what really happened on that dreadful day in December of 1993. This conversation intends to seek the truth and justice for all parties involved, especially for Rose Larner, who is no longer here to defend herself.

There are 3 core elements to this case, Bill Brown, Rose Larner, and John Kehoe.

A lot has been said about the three in a very chaotic and psychotic manner, most of which was actually based on hearsay, prosecution-fed material, and rumors. What we are trying to do in this episode of FairPlay is shed light on the facts of what has not been said or done about this case, so far.

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Explicit Content Warning | 18 + | For Mature Audience Only.

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