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FairPlay EP11 | Charmon Sinkfield. Cattle for The U.S. Prison System.

What Happens To The Innocent While The Judges Defecate On Their Oath.

October 10 2021 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News.

Reader Discretion is Advised.

I won't even mention media sources here, after these few sentences, because their sources are rigged.

The way the anchor, the reporter, and the TV network in Atlanta Georgia behaved in this video, back in 2009, I highly doubt if they will be as giddy and as excited to own their mistakes, once proven wrong, and may not have the courage to report the truth when it becomes apparent to them and to everyone else, that how blatantly wrong they were and how the media becomes a stooge of the state.

I'm genuinely trying hard these days not to use any cuss words when I work on the Jblog or Fairplay, but it's very difficult to hold back when the arrogance without any truth and the lack of Uncommon sense in people become clear.

Especially in those who are in some kind of a powerful position, be it in media, in the justice system, or any other man-made stupid sector.

They forget that this position can easily be taken away from them, one day, and they will have to answer to what they have sent forth. I would not say this had I not tasted the condition of my own command that I sent forth to my own soul, with my own hands, until they came back to meet me. And I am a captive to them and I am an asshole just like you, it's just that I'm accepting it. We should always remain teachable or your arrogance will be chastened.

Could it be possible that for over a decade, most people in America and their dogs have been screaming at the top of their mouths and blaming the wrong guy for the 2009 murder of the Olympic boxer Vernon Forrest?

What are the odds of this occurring? Think about it. Even if it's 1 percent of the total U.S. prison population, that would be around 20 thousand people. Now imagine if your family member is one of them.

Every media outlet, police officer, prosecutor, and judge involved in this case, except for maybe a few good ones, are in on this game of "Even if you have the wrong guy, let's prosecute him anyways" either knowingly or unknowingly. In Charmon's case, everyone was having fun saying what they wanted to say, speaking on things they had no idea about, saying things based on what the police told them or the state, and no self-reflection on at least trying to realize that they failed to investigate the other side of the story and reported rumors as facts. But how do you find the truth when the internet is filled with lies, deception and one-sided rumors? You go to the source, that's how. You dig deep, and you put all the facts together.

By all accounts it's clear now that a day of reckoning might be coming in Charmon Sinkfield's case where the state and the media will be forced to deal with the unpleasant truths that they have been avoiding so far even after originally charging DeMario Ware for the killing of Vernon Forrest and Jquante Crews as Ware's accomplice separately. And then the state wants us to believe the false statements of this man?

They allowed everyone to speak, except for the man being accused, Charmon Sinkfield.

Today, after more than a decade Charmon Sinkfield finally speaks. He says, If You are Poor and Powerless in America, You are Fucked.

But nobody has really been interested in what he has to say. They think his case is a done deal.

Charmon Leroy Sinkfield, says that he is wrongfully convicted in the death of Olympic boxer Vernon Forrest in 2009 and he can prove it. But nobody is listening to bring justice to the victims and the accused and their families.

I was introduced to Charmon Sinkfield's case by Tanishia Rieves co-founder of the Justuz League, an advocacy group based out of Justice Illinois. This is what Tanishia wrote to me.

"The case of Charmon Sinkfield was introduced to me after the Supreme Court ruled on

Charmon Sinkfield vs. the State of Georgia. Sinkfield challenged Fulton County’s master jury list because it violated his Sixth Amendment right. The court said “This is not to say that the JCR Jury Composition Rule can be ignored with impunity; it is a rule of this Court that must be followed. Even so, Sinkfield has neither alleged nor demonstrated the type of error that would require an automatic reversal of his convictions and because he has not shown any harm from the purported JCR violations, we affirm the trial court’s denial of relief on this ground.” This court acknowledged that the JCR was flawed, used in error, and inflicted harm. But fails to acknowledge that this practice would have contributed to the wrongful conviction of Mr. Sinkfield. Nor does this court correct or reprimand the negligence of the attorneys appointed by the state for failing to allege or demonstrate these “types of errors.” Sinkfield was tried and convicted by a tainted jury and this “honorable” Supreme Court acknowledged it. While you treat these cases like English term papers, Mr. Sinkfield has suffered the consequences of those “impurities.” So I ask, who is responsible for correcting these errors?

And this is what they wrote in the court documents.

"Sinkfield’s enumeration of error fails because even if Fulton County’s 2015 master jury list violated the JCR (an issue we need not decide here), he has not shown that he is entitled to a reversal of his convictions".

Then, This is what I said.

Are you fucking kidding me Assholes? You are like a school kid, who steals and then when he gets caught, he says, "even if I stole your pencil you still can't prove it"? Go and fuck a wall morons.

I told you at the top of the blog that it will be very difficult to hold my words back because this is what they deserve and this is what they will get. I will call an Ace an Ace and an Asshole an Asshole. I will not call them with any respect or dignity because they don't have any credibility and they don't deserve any honor.

And because thanks to God, my Lord sustains me as He wishes, that I am not dependent on anyone's paycheck so I will not hold back from saying the truth when you are scared shit to say the truth openly though you might be saying it in your hearts. And because you believe that you will lose your so-called reputations and "Jobs" and livelihoods if you stand against the injustices of your own governments or corporations so you choose to remain muted. And that is because you really don't have any faith in God, you say it but like a perfect hypocrite, you don't really mean it. I know you well as I have also been one. Those who give you your paper or digital money, they are your gods. Otherwise, you would know, that God is The One who sustained you and those with you altogether, even before you started working for these satans that you happily represent by being their propaganda arms. The God if wishes will cut their mighty arms to pieces soon unless they turn to the Truth and change and correct their ways to reverse course.

It seems America is not really a Christian nation anymore...

Maybe there are some true Christians here and there, but I can't find them anywhere, if they were shouldn't they be out on the streets damning this carnage against the innocent and taking back their land from the clutches of these unjust aggressors and transgressors of justice?

Nor is America a people that believes in the Bible, even though they say they hold it today, just for safekeeping it, but in reality they mock it, because they do everything opposite of what the Bible says. This is what the Bible says.

“You shall do no injustice in judgment; you shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor.” Leviticus 19:15

And then the oath the federal judges take and swear to, inspired by the Bible, and entered into U.S law in a statute passed by the First Congress.

“that they will, do equal right to the poor and to the rich.”

And that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.”

In the context of the above oath today, the corrupt judges and prosecutors and police officers absolutely think they can get away with it, after taking God as a Witness? Do they think God will forget this?

Just because God is delaying it to them after their betrayal does not mean that God will not Avenge this back-stabbing, this betrayal of their oath and speaking foolishness over the name of God. They don't remember God takes these things very personally, especially when you say falsehood over the name of The God.

How long did the sons of Israel wait till God sent Moses, and Pharaoh and his family were destroyed?

Do you see anyone from those warmongers remaining? What happened to those unjust people...

Now understand the length of your own timeline and what is about to come to you.

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