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FairPlay EP13 S2 | Temujin Kensu. The Man They Don't Want To Let Go

American Justice System Is Rigged To The Core. Temujin Kensu Is That Innocent Man the State of Michigan Doesn't Want To Let Go.

November 21 2021 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News.

Reader Discretion is Advised.

Imagine being in prison for over 35 years for a crime that you did not commit and no matter how hard you tried, no matter how clear the evidence of your innocence is and who else on this earth comes to support your exoneration, the state nor the government with no remorse or shame, just won't let you go.

Whose face are you going to punch?

When there is not one but many hidden behind a gigantic machine.

But David killed Goliath!

Temujin Kensu - 35 Years of Wrongful Incarceration

There are only two scenarios here. One is that they are favoring someone from their own cult and trying to save his ass from being humiliated for the wrong they have done, collectively, and the repercussions of which they are about to face, and that is of course, inevitable.

The other scenario is, that they don't want to get rid of their cow they are joyously busy milking to justify their federal government benefits, big paychecks, and fake notoriety.

In both scenarios, it was either a lying prosecutor, who later becomes a corrupt judge and lives off of the false notion that he is untouchable. "LMAO". What a joke.

I reject them all and their unjust ways, and if wishes the God, will fight to overthrow such an evil, garbage person even if it's a Governor or a Judge or an unjust system that hinges on suffocating me. It is unacceptable, no matter who or what you are. Every step of the way Temujin has been railroaded by the system and this despite the number of countless Brady Violations in his case with No evidence connecting him to the murder in 1986.

Temujin Kensu - Before his Wrongful Incarceration

The funny thing is, that even though prisons are owned by private entities and mega but shitty corporations like the Corrections Corporation of America CCA, but the people who manage their prisons like the employees of the Federal Bureau of Prisons BOP are either on the payroll of the state or the federal government. The ones who brag about their employment benefits and high-ranking positions, are the actual blood suckers, feeding on you and your cousin Joe in prison and his entire family, for the generations to come.

You pay their salaries, then they tax the fuck out of you to death, and then they come to arrest you, whenever they feel like, for no reason at all, except blind arrogance and power-tripping. Then they unlawfully lock you in prison forever, with no recourse to fight if you're innocent, except for these loser judges and the sick courts and the pathetic parole boards to say, "No Merit".

Because I'm not as patient, and calm, and cool, and as educated, as Temujin Kensu, the man they have trapped in their prison system for over 35 years now, for a crime, he was not even present to commit, so I won't hold back any words, nor punches and nor the truth, especially when I have the evidence to prove it. Quiet, ashamed, and fearful should be those who are the liars, denying justice in the face of the truth.

Most people in America, despite their college degrees, are far less educated than a man who spent 35 years in prison fighting for his own exoneration and at times beating the Unjust "Criminal" Justice System at their own game.

So why won't they free Temujin and bring him home? Why won't they perform their duties with Justice when Temujin is holding the evidence to prove his innocence that he did not murder a Port Huron college student Scott Macklem in 1986.

Temujin's case is called "Michigan Shame" and the state with its leadership deserves this title very much.

Discover the truth in this episode of FairPlay and see how screwed up your justice system is and the government that you take as your gods. They will eventually come to destroy you unless you take over first.

| Imran Siddiqui is the managing editor at Justice News and the author of the JBlog.

Catch his podcast FairPlay on j107 Justice Radio

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