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FairPlay EP14 S2 | VAMJ and Michael Krawitz Marijuana Justice Reform.

The Day They Banned A Plant But Allowed The Poison.

VAMJ with DCMJ Helped Legalize Cannabis in Virginia on July 1 2021. Now they want the non-violent marijuana convictions thrown out so people can finally go home.

December 6 2021 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News.

Once there was a time, long long time ago, when people didn't have to look shocked or dumbfounded if someone mentioned the word, Marijuana or Cannabis. In fact, no one even bothered, they used it in many different ways and extracts of it were available over the counter, like Aspirin today, but just better.

It's been a long time coming for Marijuana Justice in America. Decades of locking people up just because they were consuming a plant that God created, while allowing all the harmful chemicals, actually poison in your food, to be a part of our daily diet. Look at the consequences on your own health because of the garbage that we eat and put in our bodies.

What kind of a society will disallow what God allows to us? And then what kind of a society lock up their citizens because they smoke a plant?

Then the same society, convinces the poor citizens to take poison in the shape of toxic chemicals and vaccines and tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide filled cigarettes and vape aerosols and push countless poisonous drugs like OxyContin to give you a slow painful death? Then they kill the messenger and then cover up their shit?

But when there are forces of evil working to make a buck out of the misery of other people there are also forces of good that are fighting for justice no matter who needs it. You might not see them a lot or hear them on local news except when they take courages stands that most people are scared to even think of.

One of such groups in Virginia is VAMJ Virginia Marijuana Justice, a subsidiary of DCMJ, where D.C and MD and VA based activists are fighting to undo the damage that has been done to normal folks and their families by years of unjust incarceration of those who happen to be black and brown and white, but instead of taking the doctor prescribed chemical poison to heal their wounds, they were just taking a simple plant.

Michael Krawitz cofounder VAMJ executive director VMCA

Until some weird things happened and this

God made plant was vilified in ways that are too twisted to be explained here. Do some research.

So I made it easier. Listen to it from the mouth of Michael Krawitz, the Cofounder of VAMJ Virginia Marijuana Justice and Executive Director of the non-profit VMCA Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access where he fought for the veterans right to medical Cannabis, is also an international advocate for Cannabis policy reform with FAAAT think & do tank.

After legalizing Cannabis in Virginia, a southern state where tobacco was monopolized, Michael says he wants to do more, together with VAMJ cofounders Rachel Ramone Donlan from DCMJ and Lennice Werth from the Virginians Against Drug Violence, they are now focusing on criminal justice reform and working towards releasing all non-violent Cannabis offenders suffering long jail terms in prisons across Virginia.

Discover how Michael and his colleagues are planning to free those who are incarcerated for possessing, consuming or selling Marijuana, Cannabis, which is now legal in that very state where they are imprisoned.

| Imran Siddiqui is the managing editor at Justice News and the author of the JBlog.

Email - or Catch his podcast FairPlay on j107 Justice Radio

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