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Injustice Inc. How To Fight For The Innocent And The Wrongfully Convicted. A Manual For Warriors.

If you are a warrior of justice then this justice manual is designed for you to help you prepare and navigate the justice system so you can help free the innocent who are wrongfully convicted and give them concrete support in a systematic and detailed manner and potentially exonerate the innocent.

This is not a video game nor a simulation series or a tv show, or a Hollywood drama about justice and injustice, this manuscript addresses real-life situations where the innocent are in a war zone.

Here are some of the facts you can expect to learn and follow as you climb the 17 stages of the battle for justice to arm yourself and others with how to fight and potentially win this war against injustice.

The problem of wrongful convictions Overview of the Criminal Justice System Identifying Cases of Wrongful Conviction Understanding the Evidence Building Online Presence and Legal Teams Costs and Funding Apparatus Conducting a Thorough Investigation Writing and Executing A Game Plan Filing a Post-Conviction Appeal Engaging the Media and Advocacy Groups Conclusion

The Justice Manual is now live on Amazon and available in paperback and kindle versions.

Paperback -

Kindle Edition -

Move Forward.

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