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John Merritt | FairPlay EP22 S2 | Florida Commissioners on Offender Review Are Corrupted Vermins.

When The Tsunami of Justice Comes. The Unjust Are Mowed Down and Destroyed.

April 30, 2022 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News |

When you continue to use lies and perjuries as facts and grounds to knowingly imprison and wrongfully convict an innocent man, then this is how you will be called out -

I have always felt that audio does not lie, audio is naked, no matter how hard you try to dress it up, you can't, you can always catch a person's true character in their audio, the sound, the voice will say it all.

When I started doing audio podcast those who knew me didn't understand it at first because I did much video before, though my base was always audio. I've messed up many times. I didn't know why, until now.

If you flow with the Audio it will not force a visual on you, it will allow you to think and visualize in sync with what's being said. You will also not be able to force an incorrect visual on the audio that you hear, because it won't match and your brain won't accept it. You will only put a visual to that audio which fits like a glove. If you hear a child crying, you can't imagine a woman laughing out loud, it won't fit nor make sense to you.

John Edward Merritt - Johnny

This is one of those episodes where I don't have to say much. I chose to do audio so I can show people the reality of what we can really become, as human beings - and mostly we are worse than animals.

A clear example of what I'm writing about is not just in the case of John Merritt a "Florida Shame" or any other external reference link that I will give you to source. Instead I will give you the pure audio, in it's closest raw form, and because you are reading this, then you do have a brain cell and you can think, listen and understand what's being said and then make up your own mind.

This is an audio of John Merritt's parole hearing which was a public hearing that took place on April 27 2022 at the Florida Commission on Offender Review in Tallahassee, Florida. Merritt's Private Investigator

Dennis Forrester of the Beacon Investigative Solutions was there along with John's attorney Gray Thomas, John's sister Darlene Roy and myself. What we heard at the end was absurd and shocking to the senses.

The Commission "Denied" John Merritt his parole - Even after 36 years - And ignored all the facts and evidence pointing towards the corruption involved in this case. By doing this, they became accomplices.

At the end is John's sister Darlene Roy with a powerful response to the commissioners and to the state of Florida, and a message for "Johnny" and for all other "Johnnies" suffering in prisons across Florida state.

This 4th or 5th, I lost count, parole hearing of John Merritt which probably would be his last or one of the last because not only did they deny him parole in the face of hard evidence pointing to John's Innocence but they also pushed his release date forward another year to 2067, an icing-on-the-cake-kinda-punishment. Another slap on the face, because John will be over a 100 years old by then, if he's still alive. So - that's right, they plan on killing him while in prison.

The Florida Commission on Offender Review continues to piss all over their oath by not upholding justice and being fair in their judgement using the law and the constitution of the United States. Hypocritically using their own biases, prejudice and favors for their corrupt friends to continue acting like gangsters and thugs by holding innocent people behind prison walls for as long as they are alive just so they and their friends dont get sued by those innocent people when they get out. Is this not the truth commissioners? Are you not afraid of Justice Warriors like Robert DuBoise who was exonerated after 37 years in Tampa?

Well, you can add John Merritt to that long list now because he is not going to stop coming after you.

Like what Darlene Roy said at the end, "the United States Justice System has failed Johnny again".

So listen to the hearing, it could be someone you know, and then judge for yourself with the truth -

Are the commissioners at the Florida Commission on Offender Review, Fair and Just and Impartial?

And if you find them to be Unfair and Unjust, then do let yourself know, what you going to do about it.

|Imran Siddiqui is the managing editor at Justice News and the author of the JBlog.

Listen to Imran's podcast FairPlay Challenging Wrongful Convictions on J107 Justice Radio

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