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Judge Delays The Jesse Dreyfuse Trial Yet Again. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied in West Virginia.

Edward Jesse Dreyfuse was back in court Monday, January 9 2023 In the Hamlin, Lincoln County West Virginia Courthouse before the special-assigned Judge Jay M. Hoke in proceedings to vacate the conviction secured in Huntington's Cabell County Courthouse by Christopher Chiles deliberately presenting the false fabricated evidence.

10 January 2023 | Jesse Dreyfuse | Cabell County, West Virginia.

Dreyfuse testified what the plea deal offered and the details of the agreement as well as what and what not his court-appointed Defense Lawyer John Laishley advised and recommended.

Lincoln County Prosecutor Jackie Stevens asked Dreyfuse, "If you would have known the law would you have accepted the State's offer" and the exchange got heated quickly.

"Chris Chiles convicted me with false fabricated evidence and perjured testimony after I told him to shove his plea deal up his ass", Dreyfuse said, Looks like he showed me, He deliberately presented the falsities knowing no one ever suffered or died from any such injuries, That Alford Kennedy plea never explained that Chris Chiles would present false fabricated evidence, It was explained to me that I would not have to admit guilt or responsibility and that I only had to admit the State had enough evidence to convict, If I would have been told I would be convicted with false fabricated evidence and perjured testimony I would have taken the deal and still fight the conviction" Dreyfuse stated.

Special Prosecutor Jackie Stevens was frustrated with Jesse's testimony, He tried to argue that the jurors heard the testimony and found Dreyfuse guilty, where Jesse was quick to explain that the jurors had heard the false fabricated evidence and perjured testimony that a man was repeatedly beat about the face and head with a bat, that someone claimed to had cleaned up brain matter and skull fragments and that the testimony had everyone in the courtroom in tears and not a single objection was ever made.

"Attorney Laishley had no defense" Dreyfuse stated, He did not know the law, Dreyfuse repeated that numerous times and finally told prosecutor Stevens the answer would never change.

It's like this, Dreyfuse said, If they'd had told me that Chris Chiles would put a witness in the stand that would lie and claim Mr. clay had suffered multiple facial fractures a major skull fracture and exposed brain that resulted in his death from the NON EXISTING INJURIES and no one would object and it would pass as truth, You can bet your ass I'd have took the deal and still fought the conviction, Chiles deliberately presented false fabricated evidence when I told him to shove his plea up his ass, Dreyfuse explained.

"Would you accept a Plea now" Stevens asked and Dreyfuse explained he could not answer that question, "Your Honor, I want an answer, Yes or No" Stevens pleaded to Judge Hoke, who told Dreyfuse to answer the question.

"Yes, I'd accept the plea, No admission of guilt, Who wouldn't, I would be released and still challenge the wrongful conviction and the false fabricated evidence and perjured testimony presented to the Grand Jury by Chris Chiles and Detective Ryan Bentley to procure the invalid indictment and all the other misconducts that resulted in this wrongful conviction" Dreyfuse stated...

But you're saying you had nothing to do with Mr. Clay's Death, Is that correct? Stevens asked Dreyfuse, "That is correct, I had nothing to do with Mr. Clay's Death" Dreyfuse stated, The prosecutor rested in frustration.

Expert Witness Dan Holstein, Former Prosecuting Attorney of Charleston West Virginia then testified that Dreyfuse's defense was obliviated by Attorney John Laishleys not knowing the law or being prepared at the trial, "The defense was built around a mistake in law, the prejudice suffered was a life without conviction" Dreyfuse did not have anything that resembled a fair and impartial trial, he was ambushed and unprepared because Attorney John Laishley was unaware of the law by his own admission.

The Hearing was good, Dreyfuse explained, It was the will of the GOD that the truth was told, We will be back in court in the next two months with a medical expert who will testify that Mr. Clay sided from a heart attack unrelated to any injuries, Judge Hoke made it clear he needs to have that before he will make a decision.

What's all this mean?

Edward Jesse Dreyfuse will be back in Court by April where an expert witness will testify that no one ever suffered or sustained any multiple facial fractures a major skull fracture or any type of exposed brain injuries that resulted in any person's death by murder just as the State's Medical Examiner's autopsy report and voluminous medical records clearly prove.

What will Judge Hoke do?

Judge Hoke will then look at the entire picture, the false fabricated evidence and perjured testimony presented from the criminal indictment through the trial and wrongful conviction that was secured as well as the facts put before the Court by the actual autopsy report, medical records and testimony of the Medical Expert Witness and decide whether to Acquit Jesse, To Dismiss the Indictments as invalid and Vacate Dreyfuse's wrongful conviction or to grant him a new trial.

I am blessed and know that the GOD will provide the relief as he wills, Dreyfuse said, This delay is but a small test and one which will only make me stronger and bring me closer to the GOD.

I am grateful for the gift of GOD in having N.P.A. and Justice News supporting me in this fight, Those who have stood beside me, attended hearings in a show of support, and who have come together to stand for Justice are Blessings that are thanked, Jess stated.

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Jesse Dreyfuse is an Author at Justice News. CTA | Call To Action with Jesse Dreyfuse

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