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Judge Hoke - I Am Innocent - Set Me Free - Send Me Home - CTA#4 Call To Action with Jesse Dreyfuse.

It is my prayer for all to hear.

6 January 2023 | Jesse Dreyfuse | Cabell County, West Virginia.


My name is Jesse Dreyfuse,

And it is by the will of the GOD my words are being heard from a prison cell, Tried, Convicted, and Condemned in a West Virginia Courtroom and sentenced to die behind prison walls by the deliberate presentment of false fabricated evidence and perjured testimony, My wrongful conviction has been silenced until GOD willed it to be known to the world that I was nearly killed in a Courtroom by the knowing use of falsities and fabricated evidence by a man who had done the same to others.

I am not alone, I am the last stepping stone trodden upon as a prosecutor built his career on the backs of wrongful convictions at the cost of lives and the destruction of families for his personal gain.

My fight for Justice and freedom has been guided by GOD and he has blessed me with the ability to understand the language and proceedings of law so that I was able to litigate my case to the final stages before the Court in having the conviction vacated.

My prayer is to GOD for his grace in allowing my message to be heard and for Justice to prevail for those who are actually innocent, My prayer is for GOD to give them the blessings of his word and to guide them as he has me, I am Blessed, Praise to the GOD!



Jesse Dreyfuse is an Author at Justice News. CTA | Call To Action with Jesse Dreyfuse


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