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Lydell Grant - Fighting To Clear His Name

Lydell Grant - Fighting To Clear His Name

This is one of those stories that make you wonder, why people still think there is nothing wrong with the U.S. justice system. As much as we appreciate and support the encouraging outcomes from within the judicial system, one cannot ignore the injustices that still persist.

Lydell Grant from Houston Texas is now a free man on bond, who is still not free, despite serving almost a decade in prison for a crime he did not commit back in 2010. He is now waiting to be exonerated.

It's mind boggling.

Lydell received some TV coverage in Feb 2021 from KHOU 11 in Houston Texas. But it's limited. Though KHOU 11 has been consistently following up on him since 2019.

His story is best described here By Matt Keyser in his Sept. 1 2020 article on

Matt writes, “The police, district attorney, and judge all agree he’s innocent. Why is Lydell Grant still a convicted murderer? Grant spent more than seven years of a life sentence in prison for killing a man outside a Houston bar. Now free on bond—and a confessed killer in jail—he’s fighting to clear his name”. Read Matt Keyser full story on Lydell Grant

There is another powerful article on Lydell Grant by Erik Ortiz of NBC from June 24 2020 where Lydell talks about "a miscarriage of justice".

The Innocence Project of Texas has also been supporting Lydell Grant's case. According to them KHOU 11 was planning to do a documentary on Lydell in january 2020.

Seek Justice!


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