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Mahdi Ali | FairPlay EP 18 S2 | Juvenile Injustice. Growing Up Wrongfully Incarcerated.

Another Childhood Destroyed By The U.S. Justice System. Will It Exonerate Him?

January 15 2022 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News |

Mahdi Ali did not grow up like a so-called typical kid, who bikes, goes to school, has fun with friends hanging out, or just plays video games, nor did he go to college, he did get his GED but not in the way you might think. Because for the past 11 years, he’s been figuring out how to grow up and survive in different prisons across the state of Minnesota. He had to grow up fast. He had no choice.

Mahdi Ali was convicted as a teenager, for triple murders in Minneapolis that occurred on the night of January 6, 2010, Murders that he claims he did not commit.

Mahdi says despite his numerous efforts to reach out to Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and his office, including the conviction review unit, nobody has responded to his requests so far even when the facts are absolutely clear.

The actual accomplice, Ahmed Ali, who was with another unknown person during the time of the robbery, implicated Mahdi Ali at that time, but recently, in a shocking move, Ahmed Ali recanted his statement. This happened on camera while Tom Lyden of Fox 9 Minnesota was interviewing Ahmed Ali in regard to Mahdi's case.

Even in the light of such a revelation, the state is not responding to Mahdi which makes him feel that once again the justice system of his own state of Minnesota will let him down.

Mahdi also says that the Somali American community in Minneapolis has been misled by the state convincing them to believe a false narrative about the murders in a rush to solve the high-profile case and now the state is ashamed knowing they had the wrong guy all this time.

Those horrific murders took place at about 7.44 p.m. The biggest evidence of Mahdi's innocence is the actual time-stamped video footage from his alibi, which was never used in court. It states 7.41 p.m.

Mahdi has maintained his innocence since the beginning because Mahdi Ali won’t admit to a crime he says he did not commit. It's been over a decade now and he has never changed his story, and it fits the facts.

Who is telling the truth? Did Mahdi Ali's story change this time?

Find out on this episode of FairPlay on Justice News. Where Justice Has No Color.

| Imran Siddiqui is the managing editor at Justice News and the author of the JBlog.

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