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Michigan Shame - The Wrongful Conviction of Temujin Kensu.

Fred Freeman is Still Not A Free Man Because of Government Corruption and an Unjust and "Criminal" Injustice System.

April 7, 2022 | Katie Rockwell | Justice News |

The U.S. judicial system works on the presumption of innocence. This means that everyone has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Yet, in the case of Temujin Kensu, the system labeled him as guilty before he was even able to get into the courtroom.

In 1987, Temujin Kensu, born Fredrick Freeman, was convicted for the murder of Scott Macklem, a student at St. Clair Community College in Port Huron Michigan. Here is what is shocking about this case - Even though there was no actual physical evidence proving that Kensu committed the crime and there were 9 witnesses that testified that Kensu was 400 miles away from the scene of the crime, he has spent the last 35 years in prison.

The fact is that once Macklem’s then-fiancé Crystal Merrill pointed the finger at Kensu (the man she had been in a relationship 6 months before getting back with Macklem) as the potential murderer, his fate was sealed. The system had tagged him guilty, and they were only working backward to prove what they already believed to be true.

The game was perfectly rigged to put Temujin Kensu in jail and then in prison, and they deceptively succeeded in their plan.

Temujin Kensu with Paula Kensu

First, there was the fact that Kensu received inadequate representation considering his lawyer was a habitual cocaine user who offered a very weak defense for Kensu despite numerous outlandish statements made in court, despite little to no evidence proving these statements.

Second, there was the fact that Kensu was nowhere near the crime scene, with more than 9 neutral witnesses placing him in Escanaba, a town 400 miles away from the crime scene. Even with the prosecutor throwing in the theory that Kensu could have chartered a plane and had ample time to commit the crime. There were no flight records, receipts, or an explanation of how a then-broke Kensu would have gotten the money to charter a plane.

Not considering that one of the main witnesses for the prosecutors, Philip Joplin (a career criminal who was in the same cell as Kensu for a while), later recanted his trial testimony. Joplin stated on camera that he only testified against Kensu in the hopes of getting better sentencing. What is even worse is that Kensu's then-girlfriend Michelle Woodworth was not called to testify, even though her statement could have established Kensu’s whereabouts when Macklem was shot.

Shockingly, despite the numerous holes in Kensu’s trial, his continued attempts for appeal have been shot down at every end. The case of Temujin Kensu proves how the judicial system we count on to ensure justice is served fairly and the right people are put behind bars can also be used against us unjustly to take the innocent women and men away from their loved ones.

| Katie Rockwell is a Justice News writer at The JBlog.

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