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Misconduct In The Heartland of America.

The Wrongful Conviction of James Griffin - Kansas Corruption.

April 14, 2022 | Justice For James Griffin -

In 2002, James W. Griffin was charged with Attempted Murder in the Second Degree, Attempted Aggravated Robbery and Conspiracy to Commit Robbery. At trial, James was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years as the getaway driver.

Bob Frazier, Manager of Carlos O'Kelly's, in Topeka, Kansas, testified that a person believed to be a black male, dressed in all black, entered the restaurant while he was conducting a tour of the establishment with school children. The subject entered the back of the restaurant, through the kitchen and into Mr. Frazier’s office without being seen by other employees. After hearing a loud popping noise, a witness in the restaurant kitchen made his way toward Mr. Frazier's office where he was found lying on the floor.

At trial, the “evidence” used to convict James was based on hearsay from one person, their significant other and a next-door neighbor. Since then, the witnesses have recanted their testimony, stating they lied to avoid a jail sentence. In addition, phone records, which were never presented at trial, have James' at a location 2.5 hours away from Topeka, in Coffeyville, Kansas.

His Mother, also his alibi, was never called to testify on her son's behalf. She has since passed away. No one identified James Griffin as either the shooter or the getaway driver. Lastly, no DNA or physical evidence that James Griffin was involved in this crime exists. The State of Kansas' judicial system has failed James Griffin, just as it has failed countless others.

It's up to us to stand for a change and say enough is enough! Everyone deserves a fair trial and to tell THEIR TRUTH. That's the promise every citizen of this country is given, but the system does not keep its promise.

| Find out more at Justice For James Griffin.

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