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No One Is Getting Justice On This Earth Until They Are Just With Their Creator Except What He Wishes

Here is the Actual Justice Headline News for you.

With help from God and His mercy, we started Justice News a few years back to help the innocent fight for justice and to truthfully report on wrongful convictions in America.

We didn't want it to be another run-of-the-mill effort where the crude players in the "Justice Industrial Complex" endeavor to make themselves the heroes and milk the innocent and their families for personal gains, favors, or self-promotion. We also didn't do much except to help a few innocent who have maintained their innocence for decades, out of the hundreds and probably thousands of wrongful convictions across the United States.

You can't do much with Justice for anyone when the entire society and its collective systems are all based on a false premise - Injustice.

At that time, like many others, I didn't fully understand what "Justice" really meant.

Until I did. And then shared it.

The first Justice that I stand with now and know with absolute surety is this -

"No god except He, the Mighty, the Wise".

The Majestic Reading - Chapter 3 - Sign 18 -

Witness of the God, “Surely He, no god except He.” And the Angels and those with the knowledge stand with the justice. No god except He, the Mighty, the Wise.

I shared this Truth with many of the "innocent" who claimed to be wrongfully convicted in the United States, and even beyond America - To Seek God for Help Not Mere Mortals - I also shared it with the general public - across the board -

No one cared. No one accepted. Everyone rejected.

Even I did. And I accept it. And I ask forgiveness of the God to my crimes.

Now, I stand at a crossroads again where I have to make a conscious decision, either choose to reject the Creator, again, with those who rejected God the first time, and join them in doing so, as they do, so they accept me, or to "reject them altogether", for their collective abhorrent rejection of God One.

I made the wrong choice the last time and paid a heavy price. It's irreversible. I'm not going to make that same mistake again. I won't do that anymore. If wishes my Lord. And I wish that He Wishes, that I don't.

So I choose to accept and submit to God One and reject the rejectors, altogether.

While inhaling and exhaling a breath of fresh air in this lovely autumn weather.

Though no one has been able to push this Truth back or prove it wrong, what they did end up doing was participate in the biggest wrongful conviction of all time - the wrongful conviction of your own Creator, by your own hands and mouths. More when you utter lies about Him without even realizing your tiny place that He gave you within His existence.

You have convicted the First Innocent - the God - in your own courts of law, using your own jurisprudence, and made-up religions, cognitive dissonance, lies, blasphemy, and flawed self-judgment. Precedents set by immoral fools that you mimic like monkey see monkey do. The attacks against God and His Oneness, His Spirit, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, and The Hereafter, are mostly deployed by disoriented minds, with inconsistent thoughts and feelings of anger, hate, and anxiety toward Him. The lies against God are spread by corrupted hearts and souls that rely on each other for approval, likes, follows, and confirmation biases portraying a perfect example of "Herd Mentality".

And if you ask who am I to say all this or if I have seen God, then just wait, and just take, soon you will know for sure, who is your True God and mine - in due time!

Who are you to judge, The Judge of all judges, the God?

Who are you to decide Who He is and What He does, How He does it, or Why?

Why can't you just accept Him and surrender to His Might? You speck. Why do you have to act like a god in front of the God? Do you really want to be grabbed by your forehead with such kind of arrogance without the truth, while in the constant presence of your Creator?

Do you question your boss at work? What were you before your date of birth? Who sent you to this earth? What is your actual worth?

What is your standing in front of Him? Where is your knowledge coming from that attacks Him, blames Him for what you sent forth your own hands? Why do you utter lies about Him and His Messengers?

Do you want me to adjust to your "Conformity"? What the heck is your "Spirituality"?

The Holy Spirit - Gabriel - belongs to God. Just like everything else under and above the Heavens and the Earths and what is in between them. Don't confuse your soul with what she is not. Thousands of bubbles are bursting every second, and so will yours.

Or do you mean to say, "your godality?", so you take yourself as a god? While falling down through the endless abyss? How about this, just push away over yourself your own death that's coming to you, and to the one with whom you seek refuge! Do you have any intellect left to think? or did you forget it, like your password, or the dirty dishes in your sink?

My information is coming from a Book that has not been changed or manipulated by mankind or demons or anyone else, for God only knows how many thousands of years. And it will not be changed. Use your sense. Your life is coming to an end. We are just sparks in this celestial dance. This Book is being guarded. So knot with it or regret it.

Open it, read it, before your own book is read over you, and see for yourself, because you know you doubt it, even when it is the Truth. The Satan delays you. It goes against you, and your made-up congregational beliefs. So you won't open it and will keep defending, and thus will happily meet your chosen grievous ending.

Happy, until you see it coming, while you look the other way but when you turn around to see, then it will be too late, it won't be happy anymore. A perpetual captive, with what you earned. Either you are Saved or you are Burned.

Accept it or not, this second life is the final shot, and most people on this earth have convicted the God - for things He never did. He never told you to take gods other than Him. And who are you to convict The King when we are all felons in front of Him? Except for His servants, the exclusive.

Most people blame God for their troubles and their miseries, not for the good that He brings them. putting Him on trial every day. hating Him, attacking Him, and falsely accusing Him of wrongdoing without evidence. except with hearsay that can never be justified in any court of any law. rendering your false accusation and conviction of the god to a mere zero significance. he is the real innocent.

And then you want justice? While who are you? An unjust blamer? A falsehood Accuser?

How about being true to yourself and just with your Creator?

Why do you partner people and things with God? Have you witnessed it? Do you put your servant's name outside your own home? Then why do you make servants of God, His partners? Why do you pray to demi-gods who don't answer you? How do you make a god with your hands and then pray to it? Don't you feel ashamed doing that? And you leave the real God behind, in your rearview mirrors? while driving His cars? No one can overtake Him, and one Day, you will be overcome. Then what will you do?

The only way any help that comes to you is through God. He can choose to send it in any way He wishes to. But whenever it comes to you, it's only through Him and with His Will.

And you reject Him? Are you so deluded that you think that you made it happen, or manifest it, you can't even manifest your fart, if God blocks it from coming out, or wishes to push it out of your mouth, or nose, will you try and stop Him and succeed in that?

Then know that everyone is a servant of the God, but most of the men and demons do that hatingly and the rest of the creation of the God do that lovingly, acceptingly, and humbly.

Be a self-blamer and a soul watcher when that is what eventually all of us will be doing.

This is what I shared with others, which is hated by most of you of course. Because, it's the Truth and with most of us, we get angry when the Truth comes, every time, and get violent with the one who speaks it. We look at their tone not at what's being said, and then, when we see destruction coming our way, we accept it. But as per the record, by then it's too late.

So seek connection with God now. Submit to Him, don't partner anyone or anything with the God. Serve Him exclusively. Listen and obey His Messengers. Ask God to forgive you and your crimes against Him, and to mercy you. This is what I ask Him too. And what I try to do. And I wait, with what I'm capable of. Most of the time I fail but it's better than not trying at all, and just standing by doing nothing at the edge of Niagara Falls.

Yet, instead of thanking Him, and turning to Him, that He brought you the Truth, you make each other your gods, hoping, and expecting, something in return from each other every single day. Your expectations don't take a break. Either self-glorifying or glorifying others for something in return, except glorifying the One Who should be thanked and glorified all the time - the God, our Lord, the Almighty, the Merciful, the Irresistible - the One Who Created you, the One Who will dispose of you and then He will resurrect you, then He will tell you what you did. You will try but you won't be able to win an argument over Him.

Then you will beg Him for help, like how you beg others for mercy and help today. Then you will not doubt Him, you will be subdued, then you will believe with Him and in everything that He says, then you will submit to His Oneness, His Highness and you will give Him all the honor that you throw at each other. Then you will want to find out more about this Book.

When was the last time you paid God for the oxygen you breathe every second without counting? Or the Sun that He sends you every day? What is it that you do or comes to you that you have control over? When did you choose to have your children or not have them? Or when did your parents choose you? What about the location where you were born? Or the location where you're at or the location where you will die in this life when your relocation finally occurs?

Shake your head or deny all this, or attack me with your cognitive dissonance, but you will not be able to deny the day when your soul will reach your throat and she will be taken out from your body right in front of your own eyes. Then try mocking this at that moment of your death.

No arrogance then. Just helplessness and surrendering, nauseating, vomiting, submitting to the command of the Angel of Death, with the will of my Lord the God. But you hate submitting to the commands of His Messengers right now.

There is a big difference between the Submitters and the Sinners. If you don't learn and accept the difference between dirty and clean then how will you wash the dirt off in time?

While alive here, you can become a millionaire, be free, and happily live this temporary life in ignorance and with bliss, only for a few years or more, adding to your rejection. But know and understand, without a doubt, surely the end is to the Pious.

My work at Justice News is now accomplished. I have shared the true news of Justice. I did what I could and didn't stay silent. Now you can say what you want and do what you like.

I am not here to save anyone else except to try and save my own soul, by submitting myself to the first Justice, by submitting to God and to all His commands. And If you think you're already forgiven then look at yourself in the mirror today, and ask yourself, why are you being punished and tried every day? Why is there no light in your face? Imprisoned or not.

The imprisonment here that they threaten you with is temporary, their own coming imprisonment in the Hereafter is endless and perpetual, depending upon where you end up. Make sure you know which path you have chosen because it can't be undone or changed later like your profile pic. With God, our recorded profiles are permanent, undeletable, uneditable, undoable, and sealed. And He is the Only One Who can save.

You can ask others to save you and help you. I will go and ask God for help and turn to Him and seek refuge with Him. He answers call of the caller when calls Him.

And by Him, I do not mean Messiah Jesus, or Mary or David, or Mohammad, or anyone else. I mean The One True God Who Created all of them. The God. Lord of the Heavens and the Earths. Not He takes companions or sons. Glory Him. He High. Majestic. Lord of the knowing. The Mighty. The Wise.

Just like what a Messenger of the God once said to me, his name is Asad Sirohey, and he ain't my God, but His God and My God are One and we to Him submit. Many of you, hate that too, but my recommendation is that you should get to know him too, sooner than expected, because after all you are his people, he will be brought out over this generation as a Witness, when wishes the God, and then you will regret it, that Day.

Here's how he put it - not precisely, but close to it - "You people are lost, always worried about the beginning and the middle, but not the end - stuck somewhere in-between - when it is The End that really matters, always".

Think about it, either we make ourselves victims or self-made captives of our past or self-proclaimed righteous leaders of our time - no one is talking about what's coming next.

I have heard people tell me, that they are afraid to invoke the name of God One because they will become outcasts within their own circles and friends, or lose their status or work or money or grace, or their corporate or employment race. Some said they got mocked in this man-made pathetic injustice system when they did mention the name of the God. So, they chose the easy route, the lamest way out, they just betrayed God. In reality, they betrayed their own souls, biting on the Hand that Feeds them. Ingrate. Selfish. Imbeciles. They will be forgotten but will not be left alone.

I'm not going to give up the Hereafter for the life of this world, if wishes the God, just so you can be happy. One can be innocent of the crimes they have been accused of, but what then, when The One you are accusing of crimes and wrongdoing, is your Creator?

I am a sinner, but I won't be a backer to one. Instead, to God I will turn, and to Him I shall return. I will not betray God, if He Wishes, ever again, even after there is no more blood flowing through my veins.

In the end, after a while and it won't take that long, when all of this including us, are all dead and gone, back to the Chief Executive, with Whom your appointment is already confirmed, your seat booked and your flight ready to take off - then we will see, who stood with the Truth and with the Justice.



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