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Soundplosive EP5 | Zechariah Lloyd | Delta Blues and a Steel Guitar

A Real Blues Man's Guitar Speaks For Itself. No Matter What People Say or Not.

Zechariah Lloyd is a different kind of a delta blues rock musician, the kind that you don't find easily these days. The Mississippi blues man and former drummer has come a long way in his own struggle to find his soul and make ends meet while playing blues guitar in a society that is madly running after fake happiness, while dancing their lives and their time away.

So why would The Blues matter? It matters because The Blues reflect a people of a society that is in a reckoning with it's actions, the results and the reality, something that most of us run away from. The Blues is for those who feel the pain but have a drive to find constructive ways to heal that pain.

Zechariah has a gift from God, of putting the plight of his own hardships in life and utilizing that to connect with others going through the same kinds of tribulations, giving them a sense of relief, as he carefully crafts neatly woven works of musical art into something that you wouldn't want to stop listening because it's more than about a girl and a boy, it's about the things we go through everyday in life that can either make or break a person, like being a good Dad.

Zechariah Lloyd has a debut album out, Down To The River, a clear crossover song garnished with delta blues simmering with real rock and reminds you of what a fresh start can look like, and the song Change is Coming, summarizes the true craftsmanship of a blues guitar man who is in the process of healing.​

On this episode of Soundplosive listen to Zak talk about how he overcame his own battles and used his guitar and the blues as a catalyst for change, for himself and for those around him.


| Imran Siddiqui is the managing editor at Justice News and the author of The JBlog.

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