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Temujin Kensu | Unshackled 6 | Governor Gretchen Whitmer Pardon The Innocent Suffering In Your State

On Another Hypocritical “Thanksgiving” The U.S. President Pardons a Turkey. Americans Bludgeon That Turkey. And Millions of Innocent People In U.S. Prisons Get The Middle Finger.

24 November 2022 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News | Washington D.C.

I did thank God as I sat and ate with my family tonight.

Like every night. Every day is a "Thanksgiving Day". More so, if the days you're having right now, might be remembered as the best days of your life - Considering what's coming ahead for this generation of mankind.

And while there were smiles, conversations, food, drinks, laughter, and happiness... there was I... Somewhere in the corner of my eye.

Amid the echoes of those happy sounds surrounding me, I was thinking about how all those Innocent guys in prisons across America, that I know of, would be in lockdown tonight.

Guys like John, Bryant, Mahdi, Kemen, Kehoe, Omar, Jesse, and Temujin.

With no fault of their own and for no reason at all, except that their captors are afraid of them and the truth they hold. What the innocent know is devastating to the state and so they keep them locked up. Just so the guards the wardens and everybody else with power outside the cells can have fun and relax.

For a while.

Because the tables can turn any day -

Maybe today.

But on this so-called Thanksgiving day, and while you prepare for your racist "Black Friday", enjoy and have lots of fun at the cost of innocent lives being destroyed every day.

This is what a dead American society looks like on your watch.

This is your Thanksgiving day.

And here is my Thanksgiving gift for you.


On a day and time when most Americans talk about family, sharing, forgiveness, and love - They also piss on their empathy and mix it with their turkey sauce to eat and drink joyously like the ignorant fucks they are. Especially those who are in the media or in the justice system and claim to be warriors of justice fighting for the innocent. You are all out to make a buck and that's it. You are part of the problem. The only smart Americans I know are innocent and locked up in your prisons. Like this wrongfully convicted and unlawfully incarcerated innocent gentleman -Temujin Kensu - If he were the president of your dumb country, there probably be no poor in America - maybe there would be law and order - and maybe I might respect some American - but this would never happen and that is why they lock up smart people like Temujin because if they get out, they would mow all your crap down and those who are corrupt but in power would be wiped out.

According to Temujin Kensu, and he has almost 40 years worth of dirt on all the Michigan state crooks, this would include all the whores of Michigan Media industry.
All the sold out judges who perform as pimps colluding with their swindling prosecutors in the lawless state of Michigan that is void of any empathy or self respect.
This cult would also include people, who might not be categorized as moral human beings, like the current Attorney General of Michigan.
The entire Conviction Integrity Unit of Michigan which has no Integrity nor Credibility nor did it have any from the start.
Those who funded or continue to fund the criminal conduct of the CIU and criminal prosecutorial misconduct by the state of Michigan.
All the corrupt politicians of Michigan, their minions and other state thugs that officials use to harass people and abuse their left over, disintegrating, decaying, disgusting power which saldy you pay for.
All could be wiped out - If they don't change - Including the Governor - in the blink of an eye.

And Michiganians of America, on another of your fake and hypocritical thanksgiving, lock down the Innocent like animals in cages and refuse to let them be heard, deny them their freedoms, and their right to exist. Maybe one day you will also get a taste of this medicine that you force upon the innocent.

Railroaded in their homeland. By the same people who were supposed to protect them. This is what you get for asking Satan to protect you. When you do that you will be crucified at the hands of your own people. While you the people hide in your own tiny shelters behind weak picket fences and solar panels.

Every person living silently in their own boxes ignoring this injustice in the state of Michigan - Listen up losers -
Do you know your government is so corrupt that you are honored to be one of the worst states in wrongfully convicting innocent people who are the citizens of your land of the free - home of the brave?

And Michiganders, while you allow this to continue you will thus remain the actual "Michigan Shame".

You must be awarded a brand new identity - From now on, you will be called the "SHITIGAN" state.

Not only are your leaders nefarious and vicious but you the people who refuse to fight them are also as corrupt. You all should wear this big badge on your chests and on your asses, with pride -

"We Are The Most Fucked Up State" "We Are The Michigan Shame" - "We Are The Shitigans" - "And We Love It"

| Imran Siddiqui is the managing editor at Justice News and the author of The JBlog.

Imran's podcast FairPlay Challenging Wrongful Convictions is on J107 Justice Radio

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