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Craig Saunders had no prior criminal history and has been given 49 1/2 year to 97 1/2 years for a crime not committed we are not giving up to have him exonerated from prison on the note of Innocence !! This man had everything that should of screamed innocent as well as 2 witness alibis and now witness from this exact case where 18 to 23 months after the crime a line up was done ! However eyewitness identification was proven factual to not be of a great use in trials as a matter of fact it's deadly especially if eyes can lie and 18-23 months after the crime was committed no that's not right Stevie wonder can see this man was clearly railroaded and we have proof ! He has a home and a family waiting for him and we are requesting EXONERATION and clemency for him I will keep do everything I can to shed light on the wrongful convictions case!! I will make a strong attempt to contact this email as well as others to release him to come home we have 5 little ones who need there dad ! Sincerely Dominique Mackson his Wife

Craig Saunders

Craig Saunders

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