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Hidden songs and artists of the world now on Soundplosive with Imran Siddiqui @J107

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Soundplosive EP1 Chris Cornell Speaking Rock

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, Temple of The Dog and Audio Slave speaking with Imran Siddiqui about rock music, life and death.

Recorded at VOA News studio in D.C.

Soundplosive EP2 John Densmore of The Doors and Reza Derakshani

John Densmore of the rock band The Doors teams up with Reza Derakshani from Iran fusing world music and calling it Tribaljazz . 

Recorded at VOA News studio in D.C.

Soundplosive EP3 Burning Tree Mark Muddy Dutton,
Doni Gray, Marc Ford

Burning Tree was a rock band in the 90s that later disbanded after a successful debut album. Some of the members got together to chat. 


Recorded at Hollywood Hotel in LA.

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Soundplosive EP4 Nadia Ali Electric Electronic and More

Nadia Ali is a singer songwriter based out of New York City. She was the former member of the dance music act IIO and now continues as a solo artist.


Recorded in downtown New York City

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