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This Is A War Zone | Only The Warriors Are Invited


Justice News reports on Injustices occurring within the U.S. criminal justice system across America. The JBlog publishes articles and original content on critical issues related to justice, injustice, and their impact on society. J107 Justice Radio airs 24/7 original music of independent artists that don't get radio airplay because of unfair algorithms. LFXTV delivers truthful video journalism that usually gets banned on other platforms due to the nature of truth in it.

Working alongside defense attorneys - who fight the oppressor to the end, no matter who they are - Justice News pioneered building Innocence Campaigns for the wrongfully convicted innocent people based on action plans derived from the strategies of those who have succeeded in fighting for their innocence in the past. Justice News fights for the innocent if they are willing to fight for themselves first, by leveraging technology with impartial journalism, original music, and the law, as catalysts to potential exoneration - with the will of the God.

This is not a joke or a drill. This is a War Zone.

And only The True Warriors are invited

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